Aboriginal Story

Aboriginal Story

More than 25,000 years ago I lived near Tower Hill in a hut made out of reeds,
sticks and volcanic rocks. My bed was made out of sticks to keep it off the ground and it was covered in reeds to make in comfy. My blanket that my mother made was weaved out of reeds and animal skins.

My dad was the hunter and always brought back dinner for my mum, Pig, my brother and me. We mainly had kangaroo, possum, wombat, fish, goanna, snake and other
animals to eat.

I am thirteen, turning fourteen. I have been hunting possum since I was six. Now I
am starting to hunt kangaroo’s and other animals with my dad and Pig. Pig has
just turned twelve and has been hunting possum’s.

When dad and I were sneaking up to a kangaroo in the bush the ground stated to shake. Dark clouds took over the sky and red lava came flying out of Tower Hill. Lava was
spilling over the top flowing through the bush. We were running back to the hut
and on the way the lava had stopped coming out.

When we had got back no one was there. They had gone to the open plan with a big gulley where the lava had flown through the last time. So they know that the lava
would flow around them.