My Dad

My dad and I do a lot of thing together like fishing, shooting, building stuff, camping and lots more. My Dad and I have built bird cages and all different stuff. My Dad is a builder.

What does your Dad mean to you? What do you and your Dad do together? How does your Dad make you feel special? What does it look like and feel like when you and your Dad are together?

Orientation Day

  1. What do you do if you are late for school or need to leave early?

Students who arrive after Form Assembly or 9.00am must report to the General Office and complete the book indicating time of arrival and reason for lateness. Students who leave school early must complete the book indicating who t

What do you do if you can’t find your class?

If your class are not in the room they are timetabled in, they may be in the library or a computer room.

What do you do if you are out of uniform?

You must bring a note from home explaining why you are out of uniform and hand it in at form assembly. They will give you an out-of-uniform pass for a short time. If this does occur, try to wear something that is similar to the college uniform.