About me

1. I bread finches

2. I have 4 ferrets

3. I go rabbit hunting with my ferrets

4. I love chocolate

5. I am 14 yrs old

6. I have two sisters

7. My Family lives on a horse farm

8. I am going to breed ferrets

9. I like shooting

10. I am a boy



Hi my name is Michael. I am 14 yrs old.

I breed birds and I am going to breed fereets. I have 7 breeds of birds.They are budgjes,cockatiels, pigeons, big quails, little quails and difrent finches. I go rabbit hunting with my ferrets.

I have two sisters they are Amy and Lisa. Amy is 13 yrs old and Lisa is 11 yrs old.

My Family lives on a horse farm.

My Pets: I have 50+ Birds and two ferrets. I am going to get a cat.

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi, Mick. My name is Anna and I live in East Texas, USA. I love animals and you sure have a lot of them!! How do you even keep up with all of them and still have time for school? My favorite animal is a wolf. I have 3 dogs and a canary. I love horses but do not have any because I don’t live in the country. I find it funny that you said your dad doesn’t have any pets, but everyone else does. Which bird breed is your favorite and why? Please comment back and check my blog. Hope to hear from you soon.

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